Hey everybody. I just wanted to drop by here quick and let you guys know that I decided to have a Mother's Day sale over on my gumroad page... because why not.

Go over to my gumroad page via the link below, and use the coupon code "rlamothersday" - which will give you 25% off anything!

I will revoke the coupon on the 12th of May - so you have about a week to use it (I gave it a couple extra days because whatever); so get over to the master catalog on my site, and/or my gumroad page to see what is available and maybe pick up something! :)

(Warning - both sites below are NSFW... in case that wasn't obvious.)
My gumroad page is of course, here: [https://gumroad.com/redleatherart]. And while there are preview images on there for the mini-sets, I strongly encourage people to check my master mini-set catalog here [

Hi there. I decided to go ahead and have an end of 2020 commission sale for the next couple weeks, with 20% off any commission above the base price - (20% because 2020, sale because 2020 will soon be over) and this does combine with my Patron/repeat customer discounts. (But this does not stack with or apply to any sort of special/batch deal price... for the two people that have those.) So, if someone out there was thinking of getting a commission from me, but waiting for another sale or something - here you go. Custom commissions start at $55 - but it totally depends on what you want... full details and prices are here - https://redleatherart.com/wp/?page_id=1370

As of right now, this commission sale will end on January 4th, 2021. (So, two weeks from today, a bit after new years.) However, I may extend it if I feel like it for whatever reason. Feel free to ask questions if you are wondering if I can/will do a specific commission idea/character - I am rather flexible in terms of what I can/will do, and I try to reply quickly whenever possible. :D Also yes, I am ...