#105 (Hoshiguma & Aubree)

Mar 25, 2020

Kinda tried to recreate the "Mating Press" that I keep seeing on various japanese doujinshi almost everywhere - pose that I kinda started to like because other than a sight for sore eyes, I admit that I kinda imagine reaching the climax like this, and what could definitely happen hahah.

And I kinda did something else as you can see on the second pic. Tried to make it and I hope I did it right somehow! Oh, and if you don't see the horn on Hoshi, is because I kinda did it without. I'm debating if keeping her a normal char or giving her two full horns, that way it will be much more easier to fix than doing it with just one. I know, I'm lazy as fuck hahah

Hope you like it c:

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