Feb 08, 2020

Kinda something that I did, after buying an asset from the Daz store from Dreamlight: one of his "Render in a box" assets, which they're really cool and good-looking. And most of all, are really light even though from a close-up the texture might seem high quality.

I honestly don't know how can someone achieve that, but I'm glad I bought it and tested it with another of my G3 favorite char. The only problem was all of the numerous reflective surfaces, which as we all know are Daz worst enemies - or at least among them. So the render time took like.. forever hahah. However,  I ended up finding a good denoiser (thanks to a user on another forum) which is not the nvidia one (since that one works, yeah, but kinda gives that "washed out" feeling that you already saw in the past in some of my previous renders) and so this is the result!

Hope you like it! c:

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