A Girl's Day - Part 1

Aug 08, 2019

As this is a larger Story a split it into three parts. This is part 1 - enjoy :

"It should be a Girl's Day

That is what Angela promises her daughter Jessy.

Angela wanted to have a relaxing day with her before Jessy will leave today evening to her party. Jessy has her 18th birthday today.

But suddenly Angela's husband Bill - who is Jessy's stepdad -  is coming together with Jessy's Ex-Boyfriend Will.

Jessy is no longer interested in Will - he is one of these guys who loves only himself.

Angela has an idea - she herself was always have again a young man's cock and so she has a proposal for Jessy.

She wants herself to have some fun with Will and in exchange she is offering Jessy to have a round with an experienced man - her husband Bill.

Jessy at first was unsure because of having fun with her stepdad is strange. 

But Angela promises her that Bill knows how to use his cock and that is the main reason why she has marry him.

So finally jessy agreed."

Hope you like it !

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