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Nov 27, 2019

Surprise! Prince Tristan also came running after hearing lady Arielle's pleas for help. He successfully slays the dragon preying on the princess and makes his way into the castle... except he wasn't expecting Cerene to show up for a final boss fight. I guess he needs to spend a little more time grinding before he's on Cerene's level. :P 

These are previews of a new image set called Lady of the Tower. It's currently a work in progress and I'm posting it in parts on my Patreon. Will post more previews on Slushe soon!  Part 1 was created with the help of Woush. Hope you liked these previews! :) 

Lady of The Tower - Credits 

Look Development (Environment) - Lord KventoWoush 
Look Development (Outfits)

  • Arielle - Lord Kvento 
  • Cerene - Lord Kvento
  • Tristan - Woush
  • Dragon - Woush, Zander 

Lighting Artist - Lord Kvento

Key Posing Artist - Woush  

If you'd like to support our artwork you can visit my Patreon or you can check out Affect3D Store for my other works. Previews of recent works down below:

Lady of the Tower 

Arielle + Dragon Promos | Cerene vs Dragon Promos

Love Thy Neighbor- Store Link

Getting frisky in the car | Watch Me | Wandering Hands | The More The Merrier | Store Release Promos

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