Airborne Release

May 22, 2020

We've entered the realm of airborne fucking (and cumming)! You knew this was coming, didn't you? :D The final hour of Celeste's stay in hell has struck, so Lilith needs to make sure they spend the time wisely.

These are previews of my image collection Pure As Sin part 6. With this part I'm ending the image set. Previews of parts 1 to 5 are down below in the links! 

On my Patreon (starting from the $2.50 tier) you can find all 6 parts of Pure As Sin, but if you're not a patron, the complete image set will also go on sale in the Affect3D Store on Saturday, 23rd of May! (That's this weekend! :D) 

I'll post some more promo images soon, but until then, hope you enjoy these. :)

Pure As Sin - Credits Part 6

Artist - Miro

Coordinator - Alice

Look Development (Environment) -  Nonsane
Look Development (Characters) - DEVLGo

Lighting Artist - Nonsane

Key Posing Artist - cjflo

For more previews, check out these links of my previous Slushe posts! 

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