Amber: SemEngine Ambush

Nov 23, 2019

It wasn’t considered safe to be walking around the city limits alone, with the dangers that lay out in the wilderness, but Amber wasn’t afraid. In fact, she enjoyed the risk, the thrill that came with knowing she was up to no good.

One poor navigational choice leads her into a dark loading bay, and before her stands a tall shutter door covered in warnings and technical jargon, none of which she really understands. It isn’t long before she is ambushed by an unusual assailant, an autonomous fertilizing machine – The SeMEngine. A fitting name, and it was determined to live up to it by pumping several pints of anonymous load into Amber’s suitable orifices.

Who or what the corrupted combination of fluids had been extracted from was anyone’s guess, but given that Amber had forgotten to update her birth control this month, one thing was almost certain..

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