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Battle of the Vampire Clones

Dec 10, 2021

Battle of the Vampire Clones

Clone BB1389 immediately tangled with itself just minutes after being birthed from the

two goo sprayed pods, with the spider like maze of the pink afterbirths hanging frozen in time.

They will claw, bite, wrestle, and fight their way to a final outcome, with one drained and the

other victorious. A rolling entwined frenzy of shiny clawed and bloodied battle flesh. A short life for one, and possible eternity for the other. 

Now conjoined in battle this spectacle could go on for days or just a few hours. 

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A Dwarf Alien will float into the birthing chamber and look in on the combatants every few hours while the raging battle is recorded remotely from the safety of their clone lab.

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