Blender skin test image - WIP

Feb 22, 2021

A work in progress.  I figured out last night that my textures for this figure (Olivia for G8F, by DThuregrif) are too orange/saturated for the skin shader I am using in Blender.  This explains why the skin looks the way it does here.  Instead of tinkering with color correction in the nodes, I just figured the easier way to deal with this is just to correct them maps in Darktable (a RAW workflow editor for Linux/Win/Mac) and then export to PNG files.  I can do much more with Darktable anyway.

Once I get that done, the skin should look so much better.

In any case, I intend to model cum on her.  But first I have to fix the lighting issues I have, which had more to do with the over-saturated skin maps than the light itself.

Also, I lightened up her breasts with a masking node arrangement, overlaying a duplicate of the shader node group I had created, with a slightly lighter/less saturated color adjustment setup.

Rendered in Blender 2.91.2.

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