Charlotte & Robyn - Christmas 2020 Contest - Two Turtle Doves

Nov 28, 2020

Look I just kinda had an idea when I read the Contest requirements.  Couldn't think of much that was lewd, Christmas themed, and fell into the criteria of the contest.  This however sprung to mind and I opted to run with it.

I chose the Two Turtle Doves for this one after a bit of research.

"Turtle doves symbolize love and faithfulness because they mate for life, work together to build nests and raise their young together."

I mean I could have made this lewd, didn't feel right for Christmas.  I've done the cliché lewd Christmas stuff before (I mean one of my previous pieces was/is the promo pic for this very contest) and...yeah.  Like the titillation and whatnot of having my girls in nothing but ribbons and bows is tempting, but it's been done to death.  But yeah, with that description of turtle doves in mind, I opted for this piece, something wholesome, warm, and fuzzy.  Christmas, especially after this hell year that is 2020, is/should be more about togetherness and being with loved ones, being there for and with those you care about and spending time with them.  Yes, I could have had them...I dunno, using a double headed candy striped dildo in front of the Christmas tree, or double teaming Santa or something, but I feel that it would cheapen the piece, and there wouldn't be that feeling of...togetherness?

*Shrugs* I dunno, I just feel that I gotta defend this for the contest 'cause SFW vs NSFW content XD

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