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Charts: Vritra

Apr 06, 2022

Vritra III A was initially settled by humans transplanted from Earth’s South Pacific islands by unknown aliens. The Rigellians established a trading post approximately 2,000 years ago, but as is their custom did not sell the natives any means to elevate their own technological base. Sometime in the 4th or 5th century AD, a Alfar colony was also established, but it failed when the Alfar lost interstellar travel, and the population regressed to the technological level of the natives.

The Raksasha seized the Vritra system in the early 20th century in a sub-light invasion, and the period of occupation has left a lasting mark on the culture; the indigenous humans and Alfar were enslaved, and the Raksasha faith, forced on the slaves, still shows in their treatment of women. 

Terran humans first arrived in the system during the mid-21st century wars between Terra and the Raksasha; Starbase Pradyuma was built as a forward operating base against the Raksasha. The system traded hands several times before the cease fire. The war has never officially ended, and the Raksasha periodically staged raids until, in 2271, the Federation agreed to place Vritra under the administration of the Putti. Since that time here has been no combat in the system.

In 2389, the Alfar population stands at about 150,000. There are about 5 million Raksasha and 6 million humans (of mixed Terran and indigenous descent, most of the Terrans colonists coming from the India/Pakistan region), and about 2,500 Rigellians. As is typical of the Putti, there are no more than a dozen of them in the system, but many thousands of their robot servants.

There are two habitable planets in the system, or properly one habitable moon and one planet. Vritra III A is a tropical moon of the gas giant Vritra III, and home to most of the system’s population; it is a water world, with only a few island chains in a vast ocean. Many natives still live at a preindustrial level of technology. Both the humans and the Raksasha have built floating cities independent of natural land, mostly in the polar regions.

Vritra IV is a cool temperate world with a population of roughly 600,000, settled principally by human colonists from Earth’s northeast Asian regions (Kamchatka peninsula and northern Khabarovsk, around Okhotsk).

The system government is based on Pradyuma, where the Governor and Port Admiral (one individual) makes his residence. Most governmental services are administered through automation of by city-state governments answerable to the Governor; Port Pradyuma's administration is primarily Rigellian, and traffic control uses the Rigellian language by default.

Vritra hasa companion star, Vritra B, an M4 red dwarf orbiting at an average of 68 AU. It has no planets or permanent inhabitants. There is also an asteroid belt between the orbits of Vritra V and VI.

Vritra (HD 1237)

G6V star, mass 0.8 Sol. 6 planets (1 gas giant), 1 asteroid belt.

Vritra III A

Class O7/8, orbital period 0.53 years, rotational period 22 hours. Surface gravity 0.98G. O2/N2 atmosphere at 0.88 ATM, mean surface temperature 43°C, hydrographics 92%. Population 11 million (technocratic protectorate). No moons.

Vritra IV

Class M7/8, orbital period 0.77 years, rotational period 18 hours. Surface gravity 1.05G, O2/N2 atmosphere at 0.89 ATM, mean surface temperature 7°C, hydrographics 73%. Population 600 thousand (technocratic protectorate). No moons.

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