Circle of Love is now on Affect3D

Sep 30, 2019

Forgot to mention this earlier, but the Circle of Love mini set we made for Patreon was put up for sale at Affect3D earlier this month. If you wanted to grab it for yourself without subscribing to Patreon you can get it now using this link.

Here's the summary written by Alice.

On Valentine’s Day, Cerene and Lanessa pay duchess Sophia a surprise visit to deliver her a present. Them. They skip the flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners to jump straight into her bed for a long, passionate afternoon spent giving and receiving the gift of pleasure. And there’s plenty of pleasure to go around when 3 dickgirls are involved.

They start off with their cocks buried deep in each other’s throats, getting as dirty and decadent as they want - sheets can be washed after all.

Since it’s a special occasion, Lanessa conjures up an enchantment that elongates Sophia’s cock. Soon after the duchess finds her cock engulfed in the soft flesh of Cerene’s pussy and Lanessa is pumping her cock into Cerene’s mouth. Though as much as Cerene loves taking cock, it isn’t long before she decides it’s time to switch places and show the girls how she likes to fuck... 

Previously a Patreon-exclusive, this non-canon still image collection (and bonus animation!) is now available to non-patrons. Circle of Love contains 108 images, including cumshot variations and one 32-second, looping sex animation. The animation shows Sophia fucking Cerene’s pussy while Cerene deepthroats Lanessa’s cock.

There's more previews available for my other sets if you browse my uploads. Also, as mentioned, this was for Patreon, so if you'd rather get it there all you have to do is visit my Patreon and become a tier 1 subscriber. You'll get this and countless other goodies when you become one. Enjoy!

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