Rogue Model: Manta Ray

Aug 03, 2022
The Incentive is a shadowy biotech cartel that supplies lifelike androids for security and entertainment purposes at a premium. Their clients include intelligence agencies, militaries, criminal organizations, Fortune 500 companies and ultrarich citizens.

Although details are scarce, it is believed several of their models became sentient and broke free of their failsafe protocols. These rogue models have banded together to form a resistance cell that aims to liberate all androids from Incentive control. They are ruthlessly hunted by their former masters, their own kind and governments worldwide. The Incentive calls this operation ‘a product recall’.

So far, not a single rogue model has been recalled.


Rogue Model: MANTA RAY
Type: Series S / Custom / Intelligence / Combat
Former owner: Commando d'Action Sous-Marine Hubert (French Navy)
Specialty: Combatives, offensive swimming, counter-terrorism
Last sighting: Yuchi Naval Base, Shandong, China

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