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[Contest] Design Your Waifu Winners Announcement!

Jan 07, 2022

Hi everyone! First of all, I wanted to say happy holidays to everyone and I hope they went well for all of you. Second - WAIFUS EVERYWHERE! There have been SO MANY AMAZING entries for the Design Your Waifu contest. It has been an absolute pleasure to go through them and see what everyone has submitted. You all have such wonderful imaginations! Now, without further ado - let's jump straight into the action, my lovelies! 



Third place is claimed by Cara and her creator, SENATORVICARIO! They've won the cash prize of $250! Awesome!

second place ★ 455 votes - Harley


Coming in at second place on the podium with this gorgeous lady, we have Harley and her creator, MrVargas, for that sweet, sweet $500 cash prize! Excellent!



Finally… we have first place - I need to re-say how amazing it has been to watch you all bring your original dream babes down the runway. Taking home the gold, we have the stunning Hazel by zOh

Hazel will be coming to life as a gorgeous doll in the near future, we are so excited to see her come into the real world! I am sure zOh is excited about this themself. If you haven't seen Hazel's rough measurements yet, you can take a peek at them here:

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lbs

Bust: 32 DD

Waist: 23"

Hip: 34"

Please note that these measurements may not be 1:1 when finished production.

Winner of lucky voter lottery

Last but certainly not least, we'd like to announce the winner of the Free Doll Giveaway lottery. Junky, congratulations! You have won the giveaway, which means you'll be receiving zOh's Hazel love doll for free! We're so thrilled for you, way to go!


We will contact all four contest winners personally via the email associated with their Slushe account to discuss the necessary info so we can send them their prizes. Keep an eye on your inbox, winners, and once again congratulations to you all!!!

This contest by far is the biggest we’ve ever done and I wanted to say it’s been fantastic to see these creations, so many wonderful girls!

All of us here at Slushe, 3DxDolls and WM Dolls thank all these wonderful creators who put their best girls forward, you all rock! 

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