December Holiday Art Contest Winner: CrazySky3D!

Jan 15, 2020

The new year is in swing, but there's still a few Christmas lights and decorations to take down before we can close out the holiday season... And, of course, we need to handsomely reward the winner of the December Holiday art contest! Did you already steal a peek at who it is?

December Holiday Art Contest – December 2019 – Winner Announcement

The winner of the December Holiday Art Contest is CrazySky3D! Congratulations! CrazySky3D's entry to the contest was the height of festivity with a futanari threesome packed full of sweets and presents. The brunette sandwiched between two girthy dickgirls looks like she's in for a long night, but that's what you've gotta do if you want to catch a glimpse of Santa! Be sure to see the full work at CrazySky3D's Slushe gallery and give the artist a follow to see more works just like it! And once again, congratulation CrazySky3D!

Top 10 Contestants

We’d also like to thank the runners up who made it into the December Holiday art contest Top 10! These artists delighted us with a variety of sexy and festive cheer last month and we're not soon to forget it. Thank you Azzgard, ChatBleu, Chi3dx, GrandEnoHlaalu, Lamuserie, Lizendy, SaintsGringo, Taidoro, and Vinovella! We look forward to seeing more from you all soon! Be sure to check out their galleries here on Slushe to see more!

Media Highlight Artist: CrazySky3D

Today's Media Highlight obviously comes from the December Holiday contest winner, CrazySky3D. If you're a 3DX artist you're probably already familiar with Sky's work -- the artist has created numerous 3D props popular with 3DX fetish artists -- but if you're not, be sure to check out his profile to preview some of his kinky creations. For non-artists, there's still plenty to enjoy there as well, as Sky's offerings have really exploded in the last year. The artist has produced quite a catalogue of gorgeous girls and enticing erotica across Patreon, A3D, and, of course, Slushe. Head over to CrazySky3D's Slushe gallery now to follow this impressive artist!

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