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Development Update #22

Dec 31, 2021

*Media highlight by artist Beetlebomb

Hey everyone, it’s Alice with an update on development we did in December. Although it’s relatively short - we mainly updated some features for our admins this time - there are a few things that are worth mentioning to you all, so let’s dive right in. :)



Our programmer fixed a bug that prevented multiple users from voting in a poll. Users were shown an error: ‘This user account or IP address has voted already.’ when attempting to vote. This should no longer be the case. Please note that this error will still display if you are trying to submit a second vote to a poll in which you’ve already voted once.


We’ve added a Download button for all images in Image and Poll posts. The button appears in the top right corner of the image’s thumbnail when you hover your cursor over it. 

When you download an image that has been uploaded since December 9th, it should save with the original file name that was given by the artist. Previously Slushe would store the image under a generic name after processing it. (Therefore, images that have been posted before December 9th will still have the system generated name when downloaded.) 

Please note that if you Right-click and save an image manually (instead of clicking the Download button), an auto-generated string of randomized numbers or letters may be present at the end of the original file name.


For artists we’ve added 2 notifications above the image uploader in the Post Media form:

  • To add a watermark to your image, please select the Add Slushe watermark to my image(s) checkbox BEFORE you upload for your file(s). 
  • To ensure that your images upload successfully, please avoid adding these symbols to your file names: # ' `` % $


  • Increased the text window size of the Message popup window and made it resizable to make reviewing messages before sending more comfortable.
  • Added a drop-shadow effect to Slushe’s watermark text to ensure that the text is readable regardless of the image background (colour).
  • Made the center of the Homepage big banner slider clickable, so you no longer need to specifically click the banner’s button to view promoted posts.
  • Revised notifications to ensure that users with disabled status, and posts with private or deleted status display the correct notification to users.
  • Minor improvements to the functionality of the search results page.

This is the last Development Update of 2021, so we hope you’ve all been having Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and we wish everyone a very sexy 2022! :)

Also, if you haven't voted already - check out our Poll to determine the winner of the Design Your Waifu Contest! There are 10 lovely contestants to choose from, and you can vote until 5 January 2022, 11:59 PM (EST).


We’re jumping face-first into the gorgeous cleavage of The Holiday Spirit with artist Beetlebomb! Beetlebomb joined Slushe this December to grace our galleries with beautiful busty ladies. If you like Beetlebomb’s art, hop over to their profile to give them a warm welcome and a follow!

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