Dinah's Dilemma

Jan 05, 2021

"Thanks for earlier, Gwen. I needed that."

"Y'all know I love getting frisky in the library, Dinah, but look at you! You're still all hot and bothered!"

"It's fine, I'll just find a deserted bathroom and rub one out before class."

"Absolutely not, darlin'. What kind of wife would I be if I left you in such a state? Look, let's meet up with Molly and go back to the house. We'll get lunch after. She'll be needin' to pump anyway."

"You sure? You've got Data Structures in twenty minutes."

"They ain't talkin' about anything I don't already know. Come on, we'll fix up some BLTs, help Molly milk a little, then try out some of Katy's new toys."

"Yeah.. Yeah, okay,"

"And if Quentin gets home early, we can get some of that dick, too!"


[From a time where Gwen, Dinah, and Molly are in school together. Timeline would be some time after GC05]

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