Double Dare

Apr 07, 2021

The cute redhead is my friend, Kirsten.  The massive cock is her stepbrother's.

This all started innocently enough - a game of truth or dare when we were on spring break.  That was until I dared him to show us his dick. Neither Kirsten or I dreamed it would be THAT big.

It started to stiffen up as Kirsten and I marveled at it.  I asked to touch it, because I'd never handled meat like that before, and I was curious.  It didn't take long for me to dare Kirsten to suck it - she agreed to it pretty quickly, and he didn't object.  I think it was a little fantasy both of them had for a while.

After watching for a bit, it was too hot to not join in.

He begged us to record it, because he figured it was a one-time opportunity.  We allowed one photo instead, and cheesed it up.  Well, best I could with a mouth full of cock! :D

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