Erin and Veronique - Duet #1

Apr 22, 2019

It was a glorious day. The Villa was looking great. The little nook garden that was Milla's pride and joy was in flower and the setting we chose for this shoot.

Erin approached me earlier in regards to the proposed duo series I wanted to do with Veronique and herself. They were both ready to try it and were happy to start when I wanted.

It was a bit stilted to begin with, neither of them are professional models. Ana and Milla were hanging on the fringes, chatting with my two blonde goddesses about nothing in particular while doing their own tasks. Ana subtly influenced the positioning of the girls, to allow the elements around them to be included in a frame, Milla kept the wardrobe simple, using similar props and accessories to play on the 'twin blonde' theme. The casual back and forth talk relaxed everyone.

I stayed mostly silent, watching, waiting. I did not direct, nor suggest any pose I wanted. I let it all happen as it would.

Before too long the girls began to naturally interact with each other, and hand here, an arm there. The physical closeness increased and soon I could tell they were completely comfortable in the way things were going. I knew this could not be forced and I was proven right as the images began to make themselves before my eyes. It was like they had completely forgotten I was there, rarely paying attention to the camera or myself. There was no conscious reaction when I raised the camera to take a shoot, nor the sound of the shutter as I pressed it down.

I saw something I have not seen from professional models, a candid display of friendship, though new and still burgeoning. It was beautiful.

I fell in love with Erin even more, watching her in ways I rarely get to see. Veronique stunned me again with her classic beauty. That slightly shaggy hair only seemed to accentuate her perfection.

As the shoot went on, we moved around the grounds and inside the Villa, acting as if we were all just out for a walk, keeping that relaxed casual feel.

I sat down in the evening to begin sorting and processing what I had shot and felt so proud of these two, I look forward to presenting more from this shoot.


You will probably get sick of me rendering these two over the next couple of weeks. I have a number of ideas stemming from my nude photography collection. I will try to mix in some of the other girls, and have a couple of renders of something else on hand for the time it is appropriate to post them.

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