Erin, Illania, & Ingrid - Balcony

Oct 11, 2019

“There ya two are.”

Erin stepped out into the cool night air, drink in hand, and joined her two friends on the balcony.  They were dressed almost the same--just heels and thigh highs mostly, and it was still giving Erin some issues.  Heels were never her thing to begin with, nor was lingerie, or at least anything more fancy than a bra and underwear.  Illania, she knew, was right at home in those clothes, and Ingrid had opted for thigh high boots that served basically the same purpose.  The fact that they were essentially naked on a balcony in the middle of a busy city didn’t even enter into Erin’s mind as she concentrated on not spilling her drink and walking correctly in these damn heels.

“Oh hey,” said Ingrid, reclining against the railing,” Not enjoying the party?”  There was a hint of concern in the older woman’s tone.

“Nah, not really my scene ya know?” replied Erin, posting up on the other side of Illania.  “What about you two? I kinda figured you guys would be down for something like this.”

The “something like this” that Erin was referring to was the party that was going on inside.  It was something like Mary would set up, a fun little hedonist get-together that was one part frat party, one part mixer, and one part swingers party that blended networking and hooking up.  Erin wasn’t sure, but she had a feeling that the invites were Ingrid’s doing.

“No, random hookups are not my thing,” replied Illania.  “Hikari’s not here,” added Ingrid, “so no hookups for me.  Besides, I’m not really feeling it tonight.” Ingrid and Hikari had a rule of sorts, Erin remembered, where they wouldn’t hook up with anyone without the other being present.  It was a weird sort of open relationship kind of thing that Erin didn’t quite get, but apparently it worked and both women stuck to it.

“No networking?” asked Erin, sipping her drink.

“Probably a little later,” said Ingrid, her blue eyes flitting around the party on the other side of the balcony windows, “after some of them get some stuff out of their system.”

They stayed on the balcony, making small talk, commenting on work and the weather and school, critiquing the guests on their sexual prowess or lack thereof, and occasionally popping back in for a drink or a snack while avoiding getting dragged into a random tryst with a random older businessman or used by a younger lady trying to get attention.  Despite her earlier proclamation of conducting some networking, the three women ended up relaxing outside, enjoying the night air and each other’s company (and a light bit of exhibitionism) until the other guests had started getting cleaned up, dressed, and began filtering out in ones and twos.

A fine night, all things considered, spent with good food, good drink, and good company.

Was a little surprised to see that I'd not uploaded this one here (I think I threw it up on Pixiv?  And Twitter as well I think).  Anyway, nothing really sexual, just gals bein' pals and all that.

Again, sorry for the super huge header :/

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