Ethan - Sexy Pose

Feb 26, 2022

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This is Ethan, an android character in a story I'm working on. He's based on the Armand HD character for G8M and Valentino 8, but as you can see there are quite a few morphs dialed-in.

I wanted to make it prominent that he is an android. He's 100% artificial. Nothing organic about him. Even his hair (based on Beatris Hair for G8F) is a synthetic wig.

His limbs feature the spectacular detachable limb geografts and props from PixelSploiting over at DeviantArt, and that crotch is 100% man-made, and custom-made by me. LOL!

The texture is in fact Armand's texture, and the pose is mine as well.

Everyday 2 Pants from Aeon Soul, and the shoes are from the NEO HighTop Boots and HighTop Sneakers for G8M.

Set and lights from DM's amazing Simple Elegance environment available from Renderosity.


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