Four wallpaper freebies to promote four years of 3DX!

Jul 13, 2019

So this month is my four year 3DX anniversary. To celebrate, I've been putting out a load of wallpapers on my Patreon. But since I'm also doing a cumshot-focused special release for this month, I thought I'd take the girls as they're going to appear in that scene and give them wallpapers in those outfits too!

There's four girls, one for each year, and because four dickgirls is my entire dickgirl lineup :D Now you might notice that they're not actually dickgirls in the shots with their names in it, only in the group shot. The dickgirl solo versions can be found on my Patreon from $5 and up, as well as the versions of these wallpapers without their names on it (though I kinda prefer the versions with the names because I love that font design I put there haha).

Over the coming days I'm going to be posting early access cumshot renders that I can't wait to put together. It's going to be amazing! If you're not familiar with how I make my cum look these days, stay tuned for my upcoming post in which I show off some recent cumshot renders I did.

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