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May 23, 2020

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Friendly Competition

I wanted to thank all the Patreons for their support and I hope you will also like the future pictures & comics. “Staying The Night” was a successful comic that many liked.

But before we continue with “Staying The Night 2“, I will first introduce you to the commissioned comic by my Patreon “Eric_Felix“.

The comic is mainly about measurements, for example how long the girls penises are compared to other objects. (The tape measures are published in 2 images, once in CM and once in INCH.)

At the request of many patreon I have created an additional “Girl Only” edition in where the guy does not appear.

Comic Description:
It's about time someone measured these fat cocks... how long do you think they are? Find out more in the comic Friendly Competition.

Tier 2-5 Reward [Patreon]

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