Getting Frisky In The Car

Sep 06, 2019

Last month I mentioned we started working on a new image set called Love Thy Neighbor. It's all about showering your neighbors with lots of love and orgasms and I recently posted part 1 on my Patreon. This part was created with the help of Cjflo. Enjoy the previews! :D 

Like I mentioned last time there will be a threesome between Dark Lanessa, Light Lanessa and a new side character Arielle.  In part 1 the Lanessa duo spend some quality time together but Arielle will make her appearance very soon in part 2, so stay tuned for that!  

For my latest works you can visit my Patreon or Affect3D Store. Leave me a comment, like & fav, or list below to let me know what you thought of this. :) 

Love Thy Neighbor - Credits

Look Development (Environment) - HZR
Look Development (Outfits)

Lighting Artist - Woush

Key Posing Artist - Cjflo

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