Going for another ride

Jul 15, 2019

The sixth and final installment of Cypunk is now complete and published on Patreon, and as you can see in these previews, Cerene is looking very satisfied with things as she rides Sophia's cock. Really happy with how this one turned out, though we’re going to tweak it a bit more over the next week or so to add some bonus extras. For now, however, the image set consists of 141 images and there’s also 1 looping animation. If you want to preview the earlier Cypunk updates, use the links below.

Cypunk Set

Cyber Punk Sophia Wants to Fuck Cerene | Don't Mind Them | Trust Me, It's Safe | Pump It

Cypunk Store Release

If you don't want to sign up for an ongoing Patreon subscription, you can also get the whole set from the Affect3D Store as a one shot. The small updates mentioned above will be added to the product download as they're created, so don't worry about missing out on anything.

If you’re interested in becoming a patron, however, Cypunk is just one of multiple image sets currently available to subscribers. You can preview the second to latest one using these links :)

Circle of Love Set

Circle of Love | Gift of pleasure | Polishing Sophia's cock | Going in | Sharing is caring | Taking charge | Dickgirl Train 

Here are the links to my Patreon and Affect3D Store page for your convenience. As always, leave me a comment, like, fav, or list below to let me know what you think of Cypunk! :D 

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