Good Girls Club

Jan 14, 2021

"Good Girls Club" story is now released!

The 3rd chapter of "Witches" series. Two hot babes, Triss and Ciri, have themselves a nice time enjoying passionate girl+futa sex. But after meeting the black true alpha male Artorius, Triss realizes that she wants to fulfill her new wildest desires. Eventually she gets more than she bargained for, as Ciri decides to join the Good Girls Club too! Now the girls get to find out what real black cock is!
And Triss wasn’t about to stop there. She had her own plan for ex-boyfriend Geralt too! Turn Geralt into a sissy and make him wear stockings and laces his whole life! Now the white cuck 
Geralt gets humiliated as his ex-girlfriends are seduced into becoming black cock sluts! The girls get to climb onto a black man's boner, while poor sissy Geralt can only sit and watch.

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