Hazel the Socialite (DYW Contest)

Dec 13, 2021


Height: 5'6"

Weight: 115 lbs

Bust: 32 DD

Waist: 23"

Hip: 34"

A Journey:

All girls want to be Princesses at some point, it’s almost a right of passage.  Even Hazel had been like that at one point. It embarrasses her to think about those times. There’s a lot about her past that embarrasses her, not because anything particularly shameful happened, but because of how dull and drab it was. Growing up she’d had practically whatever she wanted, money had never been an issue in their family. Oh sure she hadn’t had the attention she could have probably used from her parents, but she went to boarding school for God's sake.  Who was sent to boarding school with attentive parents?  

School, again nothing special, everybody does it, and most find a way to forget it. Hazel had been no different. Parties had been a decent distraction for a little while. She could spend her evenings indulging in various hedonistic pleasures as any early twenty-something does. Somehow in the midst of it all she’d found herself involved with a young man, she’d even hazard to call him a boyfriend.  He was always kind to her, he made her laugh and he’d been a rather decent lay. She enjoyed her time with him. That had lasted until she saw the little bimbo she’d been replaced by.

Hazel had never experienced hate before. She’d been angry before certainly, but that white-hot desire to harm another had never reached the peak that it was reaching now.  She’d been positively humiliated by that boy and he’d gone and traded her in for a different model, with a huge fake rack and an empty head. She knew that it would be healthier if she would just move on, but she didn’t want to be healthy. He had spat in her eye, and she was more than willing to return the favour. But it wasn’t enough to hurt him, he needed to lose something precious, something he had valued more than her. And so she set her sights on his little girlfriend.

It had been easier than she anticipated. The girl was sweet and good-natured, though not exactly known for commitment to monogamy. A few drinks, a little dancing and she found her head between Hazel's thighs within an hour. She’d been enthusiastic, if a bit clumsy, but the orgasm she gave was almost enough to make her feel bad for sending photos of the encounter to her boyfriend… Almost. The breakup had been swift and volatile, and barely a week had passed before Hazel had the young man back at her front door, begging her for his forgiveness. She invited him in, rode him for everything he was worth, and then sent him on his way with a kiss on the cheek and a promise to call, a promise she didn’t intend to keep.

Hazel had been changed as a result of that day, of what she had felt. The sex had been nice enough, but the absolute power, that had been intoxicating. She had complete control of them, of their desires, and she wanted, no she needed to feel it again. She began experimenting, seducing, playing with anybody she could get her hands-on, and she found she was rather skilled at it but rather skilled wasn’t enough, she needed to be the best.

While nobody could have accused her of being ugly, Hazel found herself feeling rather plain. And so the process of perfecting herself began. It started with her clothes, the move from modesty to raw sex appeal. Then her hair, plain black to a bright blonde. Her body is the last, but the augmentation is inevitable and follows soon after the others.  “A body built for sin” had been nothing more than a simple phrase once, but now her body quite literally had been built for that purpose. Sometimes she stares in the mirror and can’t recognize herself. She likes that.

She still frequents the old clubs she used to go to, but they aren’t distractions anymore, they’re hunting grounds. The people there stalk her with their eyes, desperate for a crumb of her attention.  Not that she’s unattainable, far from it, but it’s still an honour to be chosen for a night with her. The truly special may even get the honour of a second night. Nobody has had the privilege of a third.  

She’s good at fucking, the best around Hazel would wager. Her body was a fantasy come true, but it’s her mind, her adaptability that makes her excel. For the big toughs, she can turn into a soft submissive doll, a toy for them to use, to control. For the boys and girls who need a harsher touch, she can do that too. Stern Mistress, Bimbo toy, playful Puppy, she can do it all. And she takes great pleasure in her excellence at it. But there’s something even more pleasurable to her.  Horny people talk, and sexually satisfied people talk even more. The things she’s heard and learned, the secrets that have flowed in her bedroom would stun most.  The things she knows, she could destroy these people. She doesn’t need to, but the knowledge that she could… well it’s good enough for now.

So she collects her secrets and her orgasms. Her “friends” sit around her, she plays with them, like little dolls. And here in her favourite club she sits and allows them to curry favour while she holds court.  And Hazel realizes with a start that in her own way she did become a princess. How silly. In her journey to get even she transformed herself, her body into an object of lust and desire and her personality into one of sex and debauchery. She goes deeper and deeper into the limits of sexuality and men and women fall over themselves to have her for just one night. But to be deemed worthy by Hazel is quite the task, and not everybody is up to it…

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