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Hot Kiss in warm waters

Dec 02, 2021

Sia and Ziggie's Summer of Love Wrestling

Lesbian Diaries

Sia and Ziggie's Summer of Love Wrestling Chapter 1

Hi I am Sia and you are lucky enough to share in a bit of my 2019 Florida Winter Diary.

I had not seen my Cousin Zig in over 3 years.

The last time was at Ziggie's Sweet 16 birthday.

I planted her first sloppy kiss on that cute pert mouth of her's

We mapped out an exclusive Nude Island off the South West Coast of Florida,

known as Van-Sappho's Isle.

Just a few dozen acres of limited facilities but decent security with

perfect privacy and with lots of mangroves and big rocks, to hide behind in your own private cuddle puddle.

The Isle was pristine that time of year in Florida's cool and comfy winter air.

Clear clean Caribbean like waters free of any algae blooms. With lots of playful

Manatee and Dolphins near by.

I was two years Seniour to Ziggie's College bound 19, and was Saphic Curious

just like Zig is now. I had given Ziggie her first kiss with just a touch of tongue

and now it would be very interesting how us two bi curious lovelies would re unite.


We met at a nearby local resort, shared a room with two double beds... but a hug and a

kiss on the cheek was all we settled for prior to bed, and headed off on a charter to the Isle early in the AM. Ziggie had grown since her 16th birthday, and it was remarkable how the two

of us passed for not only sisters but near twins. We both had short red hair, mine darker than her's, in great shape as both of us were gymnasts and both weighed in at around 125 pounds at

five five each.

We spoke about college, exams, but nothing about boys or sex in general. That was

anticipated much later for the sands of the Isle :)


The boat ride to the Island was choppy but still pleasant. Dolphins flew along the bow

while we both got topless and oiled up for the Sunny day ahead.

It wasn't hard finding a vacant spot to enjoy ourselves after we hopped on a pair of jet skis

and while in the Nude spirit of things, raced around to the far side of the island with only a thick layer of lotion on our butts.

After scoping out a decent private area recommended by the Lesbian Head of Island security

we stopped on the beach of this rocky area that had been carved out by by the action of the South Gulf over the centuries.

We polished off a pack of coolers and some great meat, cheese and pastries from a local Deli-Store, then had a little snooze on the sandy beach.  

We woke just as the sun was going down and a Bright Blue full moon was on the horizon.

I started walking towards a big hole in the rocks where the moon was peaking out, and as I starred

at the beauty of it all, I felt the nipples of Ziggies little body bump into my back.

We turned and starred into the others eyes, breathing into the other's drooling mouth as our nipples gentling began fencing one another and as nature compelled us to embrace.

Ziggie mumbled into my mouth, "about time for another kissing lesson teacher" but she was not asking.

We then began to conjoin our wet well oiled flesh, into one lump of wet love-sex goo. Wrapping up our right legs behind the other, pushing plump nips together, and rolling our tongues in tight little wet orbits around the other's while sucking and darting our little rotating wet snakes across one another.  I could feel the little bristles of her orangey red pubes tangling with my dark red ones, causing our pussy lips to pulse open and close like two kissing fish.

The beginning of Kiss Lesson Sappho's-number 2

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