Jenny Needs A Job

Jan 14, 2022

Jenny Needs A Job

1983 - Jenny is hanging out at the local arcade with friends. Talking about shopping, Jenny mentions that she needs a job in order to buy new clothes since her parents have divorced.  Laurie mentions that Max has been looking for help here at the arcade.

Jenny later sees Max and approaches him asking him about working for him here at the video game arcade. Max questions the eighteen year old and asks her how serious she is about working for him. Jenny assures the arcade owner that she needs money and is willing to work hard and put in long hours if needed.

Max suggests Jenny join him in his office to show her what position he has in mind for her.  Jenny complies and follows the arcade owner's instructions. Jenny is on the floor when she hears Max unzipping his pants. "Jenny, this is the position I want to hire for. Are you willing to spend your shifts taking care of this?" Jenny sees the older man point to his growing member. She nods and Max hires her to start right away. 

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