Keriann's Nude Year's Exercise Training Challenge

Jan 19, 2021

2020 had been hard on Keriann. She had graduated from university, but the job market sucked due to lockdowns. She had scrimped and saved but still found it hard to make ends meet.

Luckily, one thing stayed open - the erotic clubs. They were looking for new talent, but Keriann didn't know what to do. They only hired trained pole-dancers. She needed to learn how. She also wanted to keep fit, but the gym membership cost soooo much money. She was trying to save money! Keeping fit was also hard. . .but so was the gym's owner.

He offered Keriann a trade - she could pay her way "in-kind." She would not be allowed to wear anything at all while using the gym. Plus, he would be her personal trainer and give her as hard a workout as she could take. Then she could use the gym's poles to learn the skill of pole-dancing. Each day she'd show up fresh and eager, ready to go. And he gave her quite a go! Here you see him taking a second turn with her after her hour training on the pole. The workout room echoed with the rhytmic slap of her thighs against his hips every time he lifted and lowered her, getting his own workout in. Man, the old guy was more fit than guys half his age, and seemed to have stamina for days. Keriann didn't know how much more she could take, but she knew when it was all done she'd be the tightest woman on the club's dance floor. . .she closed her eyes and thought of all the tips - and all the free drinks! - she'd get, and rode out his pleasure with eagerness. Yes, she'd be partying hard in 2021. Oh, so hard. . .
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