King Arthur and the Grimoire of Lust - 13

Feb 02, 2020

Arthur opened his eyes to find Lilith in front of him with wings and horns. The shocking fact that demons actually exist didn't even register in his mind. All he knew was that the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen was naked and on all fours crawling towards him with a look of hunger for his cock. Lilith looked at Arthur in the eyes and gave him a devious smile as she gently took a sample of the sacrificial blood from his balls with her forked tongue. Arthur's never felt anything like that before, her tongue was so soft and slick. That one lick almost sent his arousal over the edge. As she continued to lick all over his balls, Arthur arched his back higher and higher with each lick trying desperately to hold back his orgasm. The succubus venom in her saliva had already reached his pleasure center putting it into overdrive. Lilith gave Arthur a knowing smile as she further extended her tongue and caressed both of his balls at the same time from the very bottom slowly towards the root of his cock without breaking eye contact. Arthur was taken by surprise as Lilith's tongue didn't stop at the root and continued caressing his cock towards the tip. The pleasure was too much to handle as his eyes rolled back into his head and his cock exploded before Lilith's tongue reached the tip of his cock. Lilith continued licking the underside of his shaft until he was completely spent, each caress was accompanied with a massive spurt of cum. Lilith crawled towards Arthur's ear and whispered her advise "Next time try drinking the sacrificial blood like you're suppose to. You'd have died if I'd actually given you the blow job you wanted." And Just like that Lilith disappeared into the thin air. Even though he didn't get what he wanted or had any actual intercourse he still considered it the best sex he'd ever had by a gigantic margin. The experience had changed his mind about showing the book to Merlin or anyone else. He feared that sex with mortal women will no longer be able to satisfy him after this.

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