King Arthur and the Grimoire of Lust - 19

Feb 17, 2020

"Feels good to give in to me doesn't it?" "Yes...." Lilith gently stroked his cock with her cunt. "Feels so good you want to submit and obey." "Yes..." "From now on you will address me as your mistress." "Yes, Mistress." "And you're my slave." "I'm your slave." "Your obedience pleases me." Lilith started draining his sacrificial essence before Arthur could respond sending his mind to heaven. "Remember slave, once you spill your seed inside me our master/slave bond will become permanent, there will be no turning back, no matter how powerful you become, you'll always be my weak and obedient slave." Lilith sped up her gyration to show him how good it felt to serve her. "Do you still want to cum inside me knowing its consequences?" "Yes mistress, let me cum inside you. Please let me serve and worship you for eternity." "then CUM for your mistress and seal your fate with your own seed." At her command Arthur's body convulsed as the intense orgasm wrecked his mind and body. Lilith pinned Arthur in place with her hip and thighs and pushed his face into her chest while she savored the feeling of his surrender as his hot cum splattered onto the walls of her demonic cunt filling her up. Knowing she had the power to make men surrender to her so completely was so intoxicating it never failed to make her orgasm. The ecstasy lasted for many minutes breaking Arthur's mind, each and every ejaculation inside her carved into his mind leaving a permanent mark in his psyche that Lilith was his master and he was her slave. By the end of the ritual Arthur was reborn as Lilith's slave. His eyes full of worship and lust, obedience and submission. He was now hers completely.

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