King Arthur and the Grimoire of Lust - 36

Mar 29, 2020

One day the grand mage Imorith decided to confront Morgana and paid her a visit at her bed chamber. When she answered the door Imorith was taken aback to see her in a sheer robe. "Can I help you, my lord?" Morgana asked without any hint that her attire was inappropriate. "I can come back later." the grand mage said feeling awkward but can't help being aroused by Morgana's outfit, maybe that was a common thing where she came from, he thought to himself. "It's ok. Please come in." They sat down and started chatting, at first Imorith tried to be subtle and hoped to fish around for some useful info. He tried to persuade Morgana to not marry the prince but after awhile he realized it was going nowhere and decided to directly confront her. "I don't know what you did to the king and prince to make them obsess over you but you have to stop." "Is it a crime to be liked by them?" Morgana rebuked not giving up her secret.  "I advise you to break your marriage arrangement with the prince immediately and go back to Camelot." "Or else?" "Or else I can't guarantee your safety." the grand mage unknowingly made the biggest mistake in his life to threaten her like that. Morgana read his mind and found out that Imorith planned to frame her for being a dark witch. She decided that he was an obstacle to her plan. "Well I guess I'll have to take care of you first." Morgana stood up and parted her robe. "What do you think you're doing?" Imorith was startled, he feared Morgana was going to accuse him of rape and tried to leave but his body betrayed him as his cock harden despite his fear, the mage realized too late that Morgana was not what she appeared to be. "Who are you?... What... are you?" He was breathing heavily trying to fight his growing lust for her but his struggle only drown him in more of her succubus scent. All the battles he had fought did not prepare him for someone like Morgana, he was powerless against her. His eyes slowly glazed over and his jaw became slack as he gave in to his overwhelming lust for Morgana, by then his cock was fully erect and throbbing, ready to obey Morgana's every wish. In a world that had forgotten the existence of demons, he was defenseless against her kind. The room was fully saturated with Morgana's succubus scent, his fate was sealed the moment he entered Morgana's bed chamber, there was nowhere for the mage to run. Morgana beckoned for the mage as he walked towards her in a lust filled daze. His defeat was complete when went on his knees ready to worship Morgana. She put her hand behind his head and slowly guided his mouth towards her pussy, where she wanted to be worshiped and gave Imorith his very first order, "Lick". A wicked smile appeared and she moaned from the mage eagerly eating her out. A mage like him used to be a significant challenge for Morgana to subjugate even with her sexual magic but was mere child's play for a succubus. The overwhelming power she had over him was intoxicating, she used his eager tongue and mouth for her own pleasure while the mage became addicted to her succubus fluid. "It has been days since I last had a good fuck, I could use some lip service." she thought to herself. With the mage in her thrall she no longer have to restraint herself from using magic, she waved her hand and the door to her bed chamber closed shut, she then cast a spell to isolate the room from the rest of the castle, ensuring that no one could interrupt her enjoyment of her new slave. No one knew what happened to the grand mage that night but his behavior changed ever since, he became very supportive of the princess. In fact some of the more observant servants wondered if he was serving the king or Morgana, or that they were having an affair.

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