King Arthur and the Grimoire of Lust - 41

Apr 29, 2020

After the King confessed to his spying, Morgana dropped her good girl act. "Since you've caught me being a naughty slut, I guess I'll have to take care of you too." She let her robe slid down her body exposing herself completely. The King quickly shed his clothes, thrilled that this time he won't be a passive audience but his eyes soon glazed over as he succumbed to the influence of Morgana's succubus scent and became docile and submissive. She spread her legs on the table and beckoned for the King. "You know what you have to do don't you?" "Yes... Mistress..." the King's preconditioning from the other night kicked in. He immediately gave in to his lust and feelings of servitude for her and knew exactly what she wanted as he went on his knees to lap up Morgana's succubus fluid. She fully enjoyed the King's service before continuing to subjugate him. Morgana led the King by the cock and pushed him onto the bed. She crawled over his body straddling him "Is this what you wanted so badly?" She asked while rubbing the tip of his cock at her slick entrance. "Yes...Mistress..." "You know what will happen if I continue don't you?" "Yes.. Please make me your slave." "And what will you do for me as my slave?" "Anything Mistress! I'll do anything you want! I want to be used and controlled by you!" Morgana's conditioning from the other night had worked much better than she expected, the idea of being her slave had already deeply taken root and blossomed into an obsession. Morgana impaled herself on his cock and ordered the King to submit claiming him as her latest slave. "Yes! Give it to me! Give me everything!" She laughed wickedly as the King shot load after load of his seed deep inside her. By adding the King to her harem, Morgana was one step closer to her goal, now that the king has revealed the location of the holy grail to her.

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