Lady of The Tower - New Image Set Promos!

Nov 04, 2019

Let's go on a fantasy adventure! :D  Our next image set Lady of The Tower will take place on the castle grounds of a medieval stronghold in a faraway land in the dead of winter. Princess Arielle rules this land and spends her days peacefully until one morning a large shadow falls over her kingdom. It belongs to a fierce red dragon that is captivated by her beauty and it will not leave without her. 

Who will come to save princess Arielle from this beast?! If you think you know, tell me in the comments section. :P 

More promo pics coming soon! 

Lady of The Tower - Promo Credits 

Look Development (Environment) - Lord KventoWoush 
Look Development (Characters)

  • Arielle - Woush, Lord Kvento
  • Dragon - Woush, Zander 

Lighting Artist - Lord Kvento

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