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Dec 30, 2019


Hope you've had a great Christmas! :D And I'd like to take a moment to thank you for all of your support in 2019. About a year ago we launched Slushe's open beta and we've come a long way since then. Slushe is flourishing and it's been wonderful to see familiar faces, budding artists and erotic art enthusiasts coming together to share and discuss art, to make friends, to learn, to grow, and most importantly - to have fun! :D  

Whether you're a master of your craft, a beginner refining your skills, a fan supporting your favorite creators or if you just like to browse, we couldn't have come this far without you. I hope 2020 will be as incredible as you are and I hope to see you again on the other side. :)


I've just released the complete image set Lady of the Tower in the Affect3D Store, so if you'd like to add it to your image stash without subscribing to my Patreon, then you can get it in the store now. If you're currently a patron of mine (thank you! :D) or thinking about becoming a patron, then you can also get it through my Patreon of course.

For those of you who are new to this fantasy adventure, here's the summary written by Alice:

Princess Arielle is in need of a knight in shining armor, but she is sorely disappointed when prince Tristan applies for the job. She has had quite enough of the chivalrous, honor-bound noblemen flocking her way, secretly hoping to be swept off her feet by a handsome devil. 

As Tristan makes his way into the castle, an armored pair of huge breasts materializes in front of him. Princess Arielle is ecstatic to see Cerene, the vampire queen, blocking his path. Tristan lunges at his arch nemesis, but he is no match for her. As Cerene disposes of the prince, Arielle’s eyes slide over the perfect curves of her body, powerful and enticing. Now that’s more like it. 

Cerene joins Arielle in the tower. Before she can blink, Arielle finds herself lifted in the air and Cerene’s tongue is ravaging the velvety depths of her pussy. Just before she cums, Arielle is dropped to her knees. When she looks up, Cerene is towering above her with the biggest cock she’s ever had the pleasure of admiring. It’s time for a proper knighting ceremony!  

Lady of the Tower - Credits 

Artist - Miro

Coordinator - Alice

Look Development (Environment) - Lord KventoWoush 
Look Development (Characters) - Lord Kvento, Woush, Zander

Lighting Artist - Lord Kvento

Cumshots - COSMO3DX

Key Posing Artist - Woush

Key Posing Artist - Bummer6

Key Posing Artist - Lord Kvento 

If you browse through my Slushe uploads, you can find more previews of my previous and upcoming works! Hop over to my Patreon or the Affect3D Store for completed works.

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