Lavinia #1

Jul 01, 2019

Lavinia is the sexy ghost my Patrons helped me create last month by taking part in weekly polls to determine her look.  If you'd like to help create July's new character, sign up to my $1 tier on Patreon, where you will have access to the polls, un-watermarked versions of all of my pictures (plus exclusive pictures), and a chance to win a free commission! 

Lavinia couldn't remember what had happened to her, but judging by her surroundings she knew she had died.  Well, if I had to go, at least I went out in my favorite lingerie, she thought as she stared in astonishment through her transparent hand.  She hadn't really thought about death that much while she was alive; things like where you go or what it would feel like had never really crossed her mind.  Life had just always kept her so busy with things like breathing, needing to eat, and whatnot.   Huh, she thought.  This being dead is really gonna free up my schedule!

She supposed, if anything, she should be feeling cold.  After all, that's how movies and t.v. shows portrayed the dead.  But she didn't feel cold.  In fact, the only real feeling she had was how horny she felt.  She wondered if that had anything to do with how she had kicked the bucket.  Now, all she could think about was the intense need to fuck.  Well, I may as well make the best out of this situation, she thought as she began to venture off into the afterlife. 

Maybe I can go and haunt the dreams of some poor lonely soul, she thought to herself.  Perhaps even their wet dreams!

Picture #2

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