Love Thy Neighbor

Aug 07, 2019

Which character do you like better?

Lanessa and Light Lanessa are moving in together in Love Thy Neighbor, a new image set which we're currently working on! :D 

They'll be greeted by their new neighbor Arielle, the blonde in the blue dress whom you can see in the first preview image. Arielle is a new character that I threw together so we can get some more variation in the image set cast. Her body is based off of Sophia's model but her face and hair are her own. :)

Originally there was a Patreon vote between Arielle and Sophia to decide who was going to be the neighbor. Arielle won, which means the final cast for this set is: Arielle, Lanessa and Light Lanessa. Hope you're looking forward to seeing this trio as much as I am :D 

Just out of curiosity though, which character do you like better? Arielle or Sophia? Let me know by voting in the poll!

Love Thy Neighbor will be released in parts on my Patreon later this month. I'll post more previews on Slushe when part 1 is ready. As usual, leave me a comment, like, fav, or list below to let me know what you think of these preview pics! :D

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