Love Thy Neighbor available in Affect3D Store!

Oct 22, 2019

Released the completed Love Thy Neighbor image set in Affect3D Store last weekend! :D This used to be a Patreon exclusive, but if you want to pick up this image set without subscribing to my Patreon you can now! 

Love Thy Neighbor consists of 158 images dripping with hot, sweaty neighborly love and comes with a short sex animation of a double penetration position. 

Here's the summary written by Alice.

Lanessa and her alter ego Light Lanessa return in an image collection dedicated to neighborly love. Invitations for a house-warming party have been sent and the girls have just pulled up into the driveway of their new home. Seeing Light Lanessa’s large breasts on the verge of spilling out of her tight little dress has Lanessa feeling hot and bothered all day, and she needs to have her and her cock all to herself before their guests arrive.
As Lanessa sucks the head of her girlfriend’s cock, their new neighbor Arielle unexpectedly arrives at their doorstep. Arielle can’t wait to give the new girls in town a warm welcome, but the steamy blowjob she stumbles upon isn’t quite what she had in mind. When Light Lanessa gets down on her knees to swallow Lanessa’s cock right in front of her, Arielle can’t believe her eyes and records the whole thing with her phone.
Amazement quickly turns to arousal, and Arielle’s fingers wander down to stroke her pussy in time with Light Lanessa bobbing her head up and down Lanessa’s cock. She can’t help wishing that thick cock was moving in and out of her instead. Luckily for Arielle, her new neighbors are more than happy to put their dicks wherever she wants them.

Love Thy Neighbor - Credits 

Coordinator - Alice

Look Development (Environment) - HZR
Look Development (Outfits)

Lighting Artist - Woush

Cumshots - CoSMo3DX

Animator - Bummer6 

Voice Actresses - Marie Fasolt, VoiceLikeCandy

Key Posing Artist - Cjflo 

Key Posing Artist - Woush 

Key Posing Artist - Bummer6

For my other works you can visit my Patreon or Affect3D Store. There's more previews available for my other sets if you browse my Slushe uploads. Also, as mentioned above, Love Thy Neighbor used to be a Patreon exclusive, so if you'd rather get it there, then hop over to my Patreon

As always, comments, likes, favs and lists are appreciated! :)

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