Mary - Eye of the Storm

Sep 12, 2019

Time had lost meaning for Mary as another one of her party guests pulled out of her, their fluids leaking out of her onto the floor. She remembered the party starting, remembered the orgy getting into full swing, and the next thing she knew she was being passed around to anyone with a cock, and some without. All the attention turned on her and she reveled in the sensations. She lost track of the numbers of dicks she took, the amount of cum splattering her body and her insides, about who was doing what to her with what. It was heaven.

A pounding at the door snapped her out of her sex driven stupor. She shrugged off her lover's hands and lips and began to rise. "One sec guys," she said, removing a pair of dicks from her nethers with wet, sucking pops. She staggered to her feet, formerly internal fluids oozing down her thighs, and the multitude of fluids on her chest, chin, and mouth beginning to drip and slide down her tattooed figure. Her lovers, men, women, and interesting mixes of both and neither, followed, hands grasping and groping the woman, and, while she longed to return to their embrace, the door still needed answering.

Hand upon the doorknob, her lovers had their hands upon her, pinching, groping, caressing, trying to pull her back to the sodden bedspread where more waited, either patiently or entertaining themselves with each other. Mary opened the door and only then allowed herself to begin to be pulled back and groped in earnest.

"Oh good," she said to the awaiting group of revelers waiting at the door, "I was hoping we'd have more. Now get in here," she said with a smile, "and get inside me."

So this is my entry for the September Slushe contest, and at a suggestion from people on Twitter (via poll), I opted for a little written bit beforehand to sorta set the tone and scene.  I know comments aren't really a thing that happens around here often, but I'd love to hear from ya'll if this is a trend you guys wanna see more from me with pieces (obviously not ALL pieces, but enough, I figure), to help both set the tone/scene and give the characters a bit more personality/characterization.

I would also personally like to thank SquarePeg3D for all his help in making this, both for his help with the Blender aspect as well as lighting assets, as well as the artists of the 3DX Discord server for providing critique and feedback and helping me remain calm as I started stressing out and fretting about this.

The story may undergo some changes as well (as feedback trickles in) so if you found it interesting, check back a little later just in case.

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