Mouthful of cum

Nov 25, 2020

Still getting caught up with the Patreon backlog. This week is part 3 of the Seed of Rebirth. Really liking how this set is turning out. This set is a group effort with a number of artists, some you've probably see here on Slushe. Credits list so far:

STR4HL - Original character design (Slushe - Patreon)

Nothingmore3d - Look development, cumshot (Slushe - Patreon - A3D)

Cjflo - Look development (Slushe - Patreon - A3D)

AmourEtLuxure - Posing (Slushe)

Serge3dx - Posing (Slushe - Patreon)

Ninja999 - Posing (Slushe - Patreon)

miro - Look development, posing

Xide - Posing  (Slushe - Patreon - A3D

Also released some animations last week to tier 1 and tier 2 patrons. You can see those, plus parts 1 through 4.5 of The Seed Rebirth, and several other image sets if you sign up to my patreon. Appreciate your support as always.

Links to earlier previews below.

The Seed of Rebirth

Cerene and Raven in... The Seed of Rebirth | The girls are ready to rumble

Pure As Sin 

Pure As Sin | Dark Pleasures | Part 3 Previews | Squishy squishy | Sinner's Delights

Lady of the Tower

Arielle + Dragon Promos | Cerene vs Dragon Promos | Access Denied | Open Wide | Magic of Boob Expansion | The Deeper The Better | Twisty Nine |  | Great Heights | OUT NOW! 

Cypunk Set

Cyber Punk Sophia Wants to Fuck Cerene | Don't Mind Them | Trust Me, It's Safe | Pump It | Going for Another Ride

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