New Affect3D Release: Your Ass Is Mine

Aug 15, 2019

Just a quick reminder that Your Ass Is Mine is now out in the Affect3D Store! :D

If this is your first time reading about this image set and you haven't seen any previews before, here's a quick recap by Alice: 

For Christmas, Miro created a Patreon poll asking which of the Bloodlust girls would most likely end up on top of Santa's naughty (dick)girl list. His patrons voted on Lanessa who then received a special visit from her alter ego Light Lanessa. When Lanessa misbehaves, Light Lanessa tells her to bend over for a firm cock spanking. It puts them in the perfect position for an intense session of ass and pussy fucking, titty-fucking and dick sucking.

Previously a Patreon-exclusive, this non-canon still image collection (and bonus animation!) is now available to non-patrons. Your Ass Is Mine contains 110 images and one 36-second, looping animation. The animation shows Light Lanessa fucking Lanessa’s pussy.

If you like what you see, you can purchase Your Ass Is Mine in the store. Alternatively, if you want to support me and Affect3D, you can also become a tier 1 or tier 2 subscriber on PatreonYour Ass Is Mine started off as a Patreon-exclusive image set, so you'll find this set, earlier works and all my upcoming Patreon posts there. :)

Thanks for checking out the previews! Drop me a line in the comments section below if you want to share your thoughts or leave me some feedback. 

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