New comic chapters up on Patreon: Legacy, ft. Kayla & Tatiana!

Jun 10, 2019

So, there's a whole new addition to the Lust Unleashed storyline in the form of the Legacy comic. It's a story set before the patreon exclusive Kayla Meets Marcella comic, as well as before the Lust Unleashed: Ascension comic on the A3D store.

Where Ascension sheds more light on the relationship between Tati and Yelena, Legacy gives us a closer look at the first meeting between Tati and Kayla. Tatiana has invited the CEO of Carter Industries on her private jet, allowing them to discuss some sensitive business in private. Of course, it's not long before clothes come flying off and Kayla discovers something that she had never thought possible.

Why has Tatiana reached out to Kayla? Just what is a dickgirl, and where do they come from? How can Kayla pledge her services to Tatiana? 

The first fifteen pages of the Legacy comic are now available over on Patreon, exclusive to the $5 tier and higher! For $10 and up, you also get access to the unedited renders :) This is a series that I intend to run up until about October, so now is a great time to jump on board and follow the story as develops, as well as get early access to renders!

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