New Girl #04 (10-19)

Feb 26, 2020

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New Girl #04:

Here are now the next 10 pictures of Girl #04.


For that name, I’ll start a survey on Patreon later. You are welcome to send me name suggestions by discord or in the comments below or by private message.

Background Story:

As I wrote in the newsletter, I had prepared a background story for her.

I wanted to include the girl in the story with Monica and Jessy and she should be a school director. That means that the school director will catch the two of them and then she will be included in the story.

On Patreon you can find 19 other pictures of her =)

Tier 2-5 Reward [Patreon] Girl #04

19 Images on Patreon

[Patreon] Girl #03 (Sarah)

12 Images on Patreon

[Patreon] Girl #02

15 Images on Patreon

[Patreon] Girl #01 (Jasmine)

11 Images on Patreon

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