Non smutbase renders

Jun 28, 2022
All original oc's not purchased stuff like everyone else.

I was told daz was hard to learn, that guy is rendering in blender like he was doing it for years. i asked him how he did it and he said smutbase. as i went there i have seen where every blender guy not artist, got the models that every single one of them uses. pretty sad if you ask me.
My works a crap because they are not game characters, i am pretty sure that most of their audience are kids but i know they do not care as long as they keep making easy money from cheating people out.

i do not want to pay for ripped off  assets just so i can become popular, i will stay original and learn animations, but because i have a busy life and i don't get it easy like the rest of you, i have to slave away everyday and have limited amount of time.
when the day comes that i have to resort to such a sad low, i will then admit defeat.
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