Pop That Collar Punk!

Nov 20, 2019

A bloody dawn, it washes a sensual glow into a tiny bedroom of the vast apartment complex. Zevv pops her collar up as she dons her neoprene outfit and 'tools' in preparation for another day tracking Harvesters in the lower sector hood. Last nights exploits with the bio droid in the sheets provided adequate entertainment at best. Zevv toyed the idea of telling it just to fuck off, but even AI's had a strange way of being deeply and profoundly offended in this city. All too often this translated into a messy demise for the accused.

Zevv hissed though teeth into the haze of the soundproofed room, but the droid just continued its relentless stare out onto the city. No reaction, how bloody typical.    

No matter Zevv though to herself, some street level action and later a heady cocktail of liqueurs and stims  would do the trick for today. Zevv had not been with another 'born' human in a long time, and despite her general hostility towards most bipedal creatures she secretly longed for some action with a 'hu-mee'. Someone who responds in that way only human can, someone who's  non engineered secretions can mingle with her own in a fusion of mutual euphoria. After all what greater pleasure is there? What better reason to carry on, almost getting charred into pieces by hot plasma everyday pales in comparison to the prospect of another soulless, lonely night. 

"Ah fuck, this is all bollocks!"' zevv sighed. I'm destined to bang flesh bots until my next cycle so I might as well enjoy. Let's lock and load girl, maybe grab a vatmeat burger from a vending drones on the way out...all this thinking is making me hungry. 

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