POSES - Sexy Slammers 5 Promo

Nov 26, 2021

Time to break in that wrestling ring that's been collecting dust in your Daz Library.

Take full advantage of those lonely ropes and turnbuckles with this pose pack that boasts over 100 poses (including mirrors) for Genesis 8 Female!

Make your opponents regret being put in a compromising position and teach them the meaning of "on the ropes."

75 unique couples poses and 25 unique solo poses with pose mirrors guarantee you'll find the perfect pose to fit the bill.

You can also get creative with some of my other poses available here on Renderhub! Mix and match to make a custom fight that'll leave the crowd and your opponent drooling on the mat.

Be sure to also check out my other four Sexy Slammers pose packs here on RenderHub for even more options than you could shake a stick at! Besides, why shake a stick when you can do something MUCH more fun with it...

NOTE: This pose pack was a popular request from several people! If you have ideas of your own for future products, feel free to hit me up so I can mull it over somethin' fierce!

These poses **SHOULD** also work on Genesis 8 Male with some tweaking. Note however that they were made using Genesis 8 Female, so this is not guaranteed!

Check out my Renderhub, sucka!


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