Public Exposure Contest Winner

Aug 29, 2020

Public Exposure Contest 2020, Winner Announcment

Public Exposure Contest Winner: Squarepeg3d!


The Contest has come to an end, and Squarepeg3d’s entry ‘Not a peep’ was the most popular.

A big thank you to all those who entered. We hope to see you in our future contests


Public Exposure Contest – August 2020 – Winner Announcement

Some say the biggest thrill in life is the risk of being caught, flashing their naked self or having sex/masturbating in public.

If you have not seen the winning entry yet, here’s the link Not a peep


Be sure to congratulate Squarepeg3d and give them a follow while there.

The Golden Public Exposure Badge is heading Squarepeg3d’s way.

(Note: Badges will be added to profiles very soon. We just wanted to ensure the winner was announced today!)

Top 10 Contestants

We’d also like to thank the Top 10, who gave us their own versions of anonymous orgasm giving renders.

Join us in congratulating X3rr4, DitzyDoesDigital, Suileef, TChen114, SneakyBastard, Tab109, Lexx228, AmourEtLuxure and 2ndCircle.

Their pieces have earned them the Top 10 Public Exposure Contest badge.


Media Highlight by Artist: Squarepeg3d

Squarepeg3d’s Not a peep is our Media Highlight. Check out their profile and give a follow.

Watch this account for the next contest.


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