Pure As Sin

Feb 27, 2020

We're kicking off a new image set with a theme I've been wanting to try out for quite some time now - angels and demons! :D

Meet Lilith (demon) and Celeste (angel) - our new image set characters! Celeste is an angel in training who has yet to officially join the angel ranks because she hasn't earned her halo yet. While she's halo-less, she goes on a 7-day field trip to Hell with a free pass to do as she pleases, after which she needs to decide whether she'll return to Heaven or stay with the demons in Hell. On her last day in the underworld, Celeste descends further down into the realm of Lust where she encounters a demoness who may just convince her to trade her halo for a pair of horns... :D 

I hope you like these preview images of part 1 of the image set. We'll be creating the next parts over the next few weeks. All my image sets are Patreon-powered, so future parts of Pure As sin will be posted on my Patreon when they're ready. Check it out if you're interested in funding this project and collecting all of the images with early access - or alternatively, you can also wait until Pure As Sin is available in the Affect3D Store. 

We'll be back soon with previews of part 2! 

Pure As Sin - Credits Part 1

Artist - Miro

Coordinator - Alice

Look Development (Environment) -  Nonsane
Look Development (Characters) - DEVLGo

Lighting Artist - Nonsane

Key Posing Artist - cjflo 

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