Sharing Body Heat

Jan 14, 2021

The yeti had been despoiling nearby farmsteads for food, foraging in the winter. It was hard to blame him, in his hunger, but the farmers needed to eat, too. And not have their children devoured. So Vivianna took the contract to seek out the yeti and bring an end to his depredations. She tracked him down near some old ruins, in the dead of winter. The two fought for long hours with neither getting the upper hand. As night began to fall, Vivi's clothing had all been shredded away but the battle was no closer to ending. Vivianna was getting too cold to fight on, and as for the Yeti. . .Vivi was too hot to fight.

They agreed to a truce, through the night. They would rest and share body heat. As they snuggled, the yeti started getting excited in a. . .different way than the battle. He started to get frisky, stroking Vivi's leg and grasping her arm firmly. Vivianna started to tell him soothing stories, to keep his mind off. . .other things.

Daz Studio; Iray render; dForce hair; G8F custom character; Yeti for G8M

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